Santa Barbara AVP Alternatives to Violence Project

Santa Barbara Alternatives To Violence Project

For All Who Would like to Reduce the Level of Unresolved Conflict in Their Own Lives and the Lives of Those Around Them Read more »

Santa Barbara Alternatives To Violence Project

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Santa Barbara AVP Workshops Are Organized and Supported by Dedicated Volunteers Throughout Santa Barbara County Read more »

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To empower people to lead nonviolent lives through affirmation, respect for all, community building, cooperation and trust.

Santa Barbara AVP is “Alternatives to Violence Project,” a program working to reduce violence by learning about relationships, communication, and conflict resolution through workshops in prisons, jails, and the community. Santa Barbara AVP is part of AVP CaliforniaAVP USA, and AVP International.

We invite you to learn about Santa Barbara AVP, take a workshop, and even become a volunteer facilitator! See our upcoming workshops here.

We are a Gold Star Organization!

Santa Barbara AVP has offered laughter-filled community workshops in Santa Barbara since 1992.

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